Special models

On the strength of past experience in complexity research and multiple management applications in laboratories and business we have models and simulation systems for numerous spheres of reality. Depending on purpose these are immediately applicable or have to be modified slightly (→ Deplecto). To a great extend this applies for assessments and situations of diagnosis and improvement of problem solving abilities. Additionally testing effectiveness and range of strategic concepts is possible. For this purpose our simulation systems are particularly suitable.

If rather interested in analytic questions there are several sophisticated models to draw upon. With the help of these - mostly stable and robust - networks the behavior of dynamic structures can be analyzed. They are especially useful to test new ideas, to prove hypothesis and to make predictions and forecasts – in detail as well as strategically.

Of course network models can be used for diagnoses and trainings of actors as well as it makes sense to use simulation models to answer questions about analytical or prognostic content. Therefore the following selection is arranged with regards to the intended usage.