Criteria for the assessment and organisation of socio-economic systems and projects

Socio-economic systems, such as countries or nations, cities or communities, are characterised by several specific features accounting for their performance and stability and equally referring to structural und process-related properties.

Stable socio-economic systems are determined by connectivity, the ability to react, modularity and redundancy, the ability to recall the past as well as the trust in the quality of measures taken (see also Criteria of Resilience of Complex Systems, Heuristicon). Medium and long-term development is ensured by these components. These systems will neither be at risk nor get into serious turbulences even under pressure or other unfavourable conditions.
In a project aiming for the change and further development of a socio-economic system, the current conditions and specifications of the mentioned criteria have to be analysed before followed by their systematic and tactical change.

In addition the current situation is affected by a complex co-operation of existent elements from different areas such as economy, infrastructure, technical development status, education and communication, health care system, culture, religion and conventions as well as political structures.

The representation of a scenario as such in form of a dynamic computer model proved to be extremely helpful to keep track during interventions with highly interconnected situations. The risk to miss or underestimate important side and long-term effects of one’s own activities will be systematically reduced.
In silico different project strategies and ideas can be easily and versatilely tested, goals can be specified, dead ends and detours can be avoided, as well as critical developments but also hidden potentials can be distinguished early enough.

Last but not least this method can be utilised as a tool to specifically enhance the existing knowledge and competence within committees or panels.

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