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Dr. Franz Reither

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Academic studies of psychology, mathematics, computer sciences and economics; research and teaching at various universities in the fields of psychology of thinking and acting, complex problem solving, applied mathematics, analytical methodology in social sciences and economics as well as strategic management with focus on process analysis of planning, deciding and acting in highly complex, dynamic, uncertain and crisis situations including their long term consequences; with support of high dimensional computer simulation, dynamic network analysis and methodological support of complex modelling techniques.

Practical applications in management and project consulting in highly complex and crisis situations at several international companies and organisations; mainly in diagnosis and training to improve problem solving strategies.

In addition practical and theoretical approaches to analyse and simulate the ‘behaviour’ of highly complex and interconnected dynamic spheres of reality; predictions of reactions, risks, potentials and trends of these systems including the so called “soft” (e.g. psychological) and “hard” (e.g. technical) factors to be applied as guidance in planning and deciding in business and politics.

Regardless of this complex and dynamic modelling in the field of life sciences (special models), especially in research and development processes in biological and medical sciences including their applications in pharmaceutical industry.