The Healthville District

In contrast to the “The Cold Store” this demonstration model already confronts You with a multitude of variables which are highly interconnected. These, too, have their own intrinsic trends of development. Even if all built-in conditions and interrelations are realistic and in accordance with common experiences, targeted interventions demand a great deal of the “player”. Thus take some time for thinking and reflecting to achieve Your goals and sustained improvements as fast and effective as possible.

Dealing with this model gets direct experiences how it “feels” to interact with a dynamic network. Please keep in mind that under the given conditions are no effects without side effects, not to mention after-effects (see “The Cold Store”). Act with the necessary caution and don’t be too impatient. Avoid forcing solutions by one-dimensional actions. Unnecessary to say that there are no recipes or simple ways for success.

At the end of the ”game” You will get a short analysis of the results. Don’t be too disappointed if they don’t meet Your expectations entirely. As a possibility of comparison You will find history data what would happen if things are left to their own without taking any action. Each positive deviation from this “zero process” already can be counted as success. In addition: The development of a real stable and efficient regional health care system is not sufficiently realized till now.

However, if You are not satisfied with Your result, try again. The attractiveness of modellings as such, originates from the possibility to become acquainted with those complex tasks playfully and in one’s individual way.

All that is left is to say: Good Luck!

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